The Coalition of Resilient Avengers Cornering Knaves

C.R.A.C.K.: The Heroes of Fandom High
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Fandom High is full of heroes. Some mighty, some not so mighty but possessing a mighty heart! They want to help YOU!

If you're in need of heroing in Fandom Town or elsewhere in this grand Fandom Nation, call for Fandom High's Coalition of Resilient Avengers Cornering Knaves: C.R.A.C.K.!

C.R.A.C.K. abides by anti-vigilante rules within the Fandom High campus. If you need help there, you must either help yourself or call for the Rover.

The Current Roster:

bugofjustice: The Tick! The Mighty Blue Bug of Justice!
manofthemullet: The Swiss Army Avenger! A Living Weapon of Mass Construction!
kawalsky: Major K!! The most major of all teen superheroes!
auroryborealis: Rory! Sidekick to the Tick, she's super-organized and can consume all the coffee in Belize during breakfast with no ill effects!
2ls_in_oneill: Captain Princess! A brilliant strategist with super snark! He kinda looks familiar!
janet_fraiser: Janet Fraiser! Um. She can make teachers super-uncomfortable through methods that aren't allowed elsewhere! Beware her medical skills!
oatmanspatient: Marty Blank! He could kill you 50 different ways with a broken rubber band! But he won't!
can_be_more: Aeryn Sun! Beware her pulse rifle! Even if she doesn't have it. At that point it's more of a metaphor for... Oh, now she's hit you. I told you to beware.
swerval_zero: The Pink Malleteer! Don't cross her or she'll mallet you like a robotic, kleptomaniac bunny!
brambless: Tara Maclay! One of the most caring people you could hope to find on a support team! Plus, she's a witch raised from Beyond!
forlornslayer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Less slaying and more saving, but she has truly awesome might!
cameronmitchell: Camboy! Sidekick to the mighty Major K!
phases_of_kitty: Shadowcat and Lockheed! An experienced superhero and her pet dragon, Shadowcat and Lockheed have all the abilities needed to make a difference!
threeweapons: Alanna Trebond! A fighter and a healer, all in one!
suzotchka: Ivanova! She has a spaceship! Keen!
marieann_d: Rogue! Insert overused catchy description of her absorption powers in relation to her looks here!
shane_mcc: The Rook! Not only is she really keen, but she can turn invisible when danger is afoot! Don't see her around? Danger is there!

[fandomhighcrack is a Superhero Assistance Line for the fandomhigh game.]